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How to Connect a Portable Washer to the Sink

Kenneth Crawford

Living in an apartment often means going to a coin-operated laundry to wash your clothes every week. Many apartments do not have water hookups for washers, but you can purchase a portable washer and connect it directly to your kitchen sink. Most major appliance brands now include economical, portable washers in their product lines. Hardware stores carry small adapters for the sink faucet to replace the regular aerator that is currently on the faucet.

Your kitchen faucet can supply water to your portable washer.

Step 1

Position the portable washer as close to the sink as possible. You want to have the washer close to a wall receptacle for the portable washer power cord.

Step 2

Remove the sink faucet aerator from the faucet with a pair of channel-lock pliers. Turn the aerator counterclockwise with the pliers to unscrew the aerator from the faucet. Thread the faucet adapter kit that comes with the washer to the faucet. If you do not have this kit, purchase a sink-to-hose connector at the hardware store. The adapters are in the small plumbing fittings section and include rubber washers.

Step 3

Tighten the faucet adapter to the faucet with channel-lock pliers. Do not overtighten, as this could cause the rubber washer to bend and not seal properly to the faucet.

Step 4

Connect the drain hose to the drain port on the back of the washer. The drain hose on a portable washer has a compression clamp on one end and a hose connector on the other end of the hose. Squeeze the compression clamp with a pair of pliers and push the hose over the drain port until the hose touches the washer cabinet. Move the compression clamp over the hose and drain port.

Step 5

Attach the washer water hose to the cold water valve on the rear of the washer. Tighten the hose connector by hand and then turn the connector a half turn with a pair of channel-lock pliers.

Step 6

Place the opposite end of the drain hose on the lower port of the faucet coupler. The faucet coupler has three ports. One connects to the sink faucet and two others on the side connect the water and drain line to the washer. The faucet coupler will be in a storage clip on the back of the washer. The drain hose connects to the lower port by threading the fitting onto the port. Tighten this connection by hand only.

Step 7

Connect the water fill hose to the top port on the faucet coupler. Tighten the fill hose connection by hand. Thread the top of the faucet coupler to the sink faucet and tighten by hand. Turn the water faucet on and check for leaks around the connections. Tighten as necessary and plug the washer into the wall outlet.