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How to Replace Portable Dishwasher Hoses

Nathan McGinty

Portable dishwashers are helpful appliances for those kitchens that are too small for a standard dishwasher. Once the washing is done, these appliances can be disconnected from the sink and power and rolled away into a storage closet. Portable dishwashers use a hose that connects to your kitchen sink for a fresh water supply. You can replace these portable dishwasher hoses if your current hose leaks or has broken.

  1. Unplug the portable dishwasher from the electrical socket.

  2. Turn off the water at the sink where the dishwasher hose is attached.

  3. Position the dishwasher so you can access the rear panel where the hose is attached.

  4. Place a towel on the floor underneath the dishwasher. Use a pair of pliers to loosen the couplings holding the hose to the back of the machine.

  5. Disconnect the opposite end of the hose from the faucet by turning the connection coupling counterclockwise.

  6. Screw the coupling end of the new hose into the back of the portable dishwasher.

  7. Connect the opposite end of the hose to the faucet.

  8. Restore power to the dishwasher by plugging it back in. Run a short test load on the dishwasher to ensure it works properly and the hose isn't leaking. Tighten any couplings, if necessary.