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How to Remove a Delta Shower Head

Steven Symes

Sooner or later you'll need to remove your Delta shower head, whether it is to repair a leak or to replace it with a new shower head that better fits your needs. Delta has designed its shower heads so they simply screw onto the threads on the water pipe, making for a straightforward installation and removal. Hard water deposits or Teflon tape used by the original installer may complicate the removal process, but they will not make the job impossible.

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  1. Twist the ring piece on the shower head the sits on the pipe counterclockwise, using your hands. Continue turning the ring counterclockwise until the shower head comes free from the pipe.

  2. Wrap a soft cloth around the shower head if you are unable to remove it by hand. Clamp a pipe wrench over the ring piece on the shower head, keeping the cloth between the wrench and the ring to prevent damage to the metal.

  3. Turn the pipe wrench counterclockwise to unscrew the shower head from the pipe. If you still have problems turning the shower head, spray some penetrating lubricant into the joint between the shower head and the pipe, wait five minutes, then continue removing the shower head.

  4. Peel off any Teflon tape or other material stuck to the threads on the water pipe to make installing a new shower head or reinstalling the old one easier.