How to Repair a Water Pik Hand-held Shower

Alexis Lawrence

Water Pik manufactures a variety of personal hygiene items such as flossers, toothbrushes, sinus-care items and hand-held showerheads. The hand-held showerheads available from Waterpik come in a few variations, each with its own attributes.

Hand-held showers are prone to leak.

While the showerheads in the Water Pik line vary somewhat in design and installation, you can use the same general method to repair any leaky Water Pik hand-held shower.

  1. Check the connection of the showerhead where it meets the water pipe, if water leaks from the point where the pipe and head meet. Gently jiggle the showerhead back and forth to see if it moves on the pipe. If it does, turn the plastic connection ring on the Water Pik showerhead clockwise to tighten.

  2. Try running water through the showerhead again. If water still leaks from the area where the head meets the pipe on metal, unscrew the showerhead from the pipe by turning the ring counterclockwise. Take the showerhead down.

  3. Remove any old pipe tape from the end of the water pipe if the connector on the showerhead is metal. Wrap new pipe tape around the water pipe, starting at the tip and wrapping upward on the water pipe. Replace the showerhead and screw it clockwise onto the pipe until fully tightened.

  4. Check the plastic washer inside the showerhead connector if the connector is plastic. If the washer is still in place in the connector, Water Pik recommends helping to create a seal with the water pipe by rubbing a dry bar of soap across the threads of the pipe to help fill in the spaces. Reinstall the showerhead by screwing it clockwise onto the pipe.


Problems beyond leaks are best repaired by a licensed plumber. You may need to contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. According to the Water Pik page, many showerheads made after 2005 have limited lifetime warranties.