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How to Cut a Chrome Pipe

Joshua Benjamin

It can be slightly more difficult to cut chrome pipe than other pipes of similar size because the pipe is both smoother and stronger than many of the more common types of pipe.

Chrome pipes are typically stronger than other pipes of the same size.

It is generally recommended to use a hacksaw to cut chrome pipe rather than a pipe-cutter tool, due to the fact that the chrome will eventually damage the pipe-cutter blade.

  1. Place the pipe in your vise and tighten down until it cannot move.

  2. Make a mark on the pipe with your marker where you wish to cut the pipe.

  3. Place the hacksaw against the mark and draw the blade all the way back while applying pressure against the pipe. This will make a cut notch in the pipe and will allow you to gain better purchase as you continue sawing.

  4. Saw through the pipe with the hacksaw.

  5. File down the burs on the pipe with your small file.