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How to Light an Oven Pilot Light on an Amana Range

Gabriel Dockery

A common problem with an electrically lit pilot on a range is a failing igniter, or periods of electrical outage. During these times, an Amana range may be rendered inoperable despite using natural gas as a fuel source. A process for lighting these pilots during igniter failure is outlined by the Amana range user's manual and is considered standard operating procedure during igniter failure.

A match can be used to light the Amana oven pilot light in case of a power outage.
  1. Select the range burner to be used.

  2. Turn the operating selection knob to the "Ignite" setting. A faint "clicking" sound will be heard.

  3. Place the open flame of the match or lighter underneath the top burner covering. The flame will assist the auto-igniter in lighting the burner.

  4. Set the operating temperature as desired on the control knob. After the pilot has lit, the entire burner will activate.