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How to Turn on a Crosley Gas Stove

Gail Delaney

A Crosley gas stove works like most other gas stoves. The controls on the front of the stove control the amount of gas that feeds the burners. You can turn the knob to a higher or lower setting to regulate the flame. Crosley gas stoves come in a variety of colors and styles. Some Crosley stoves have pilot lights, while others have an igniter.

  1. Turn the dial or knob on the front of the stove in a clockwise direction. Turn it as far as possible. If your stove has an igniter, you should hear a "clicking" sound as the igniter lights the flame on the stove. If your stove has an igniter, the stove should light after three clicks.

  2. Wait a few seconds for the fire to light. If it does not, turn the stove off.

  3. Check the pilot light to make sure it is lit. If the pilot light has gone out, strike a match and relight it. Turn the knob again. If nothing happens, turn the knob to shut the stove off.

  4. Light a match and hold it over the burner. Turn the knob and ignite the gas with the match held directly above the burner.