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How to Soak Stove Burners

Shannon Moudry

When cooking on a stove, you will likely encounter splattering grease, pots that boil over and spilled foods that can leave your stove burners a mess. Cleaning stove burners is not fun but is necessary and important, as it will help prolong the life of the burners and avoid fires caused by stuck-on foods or grease. Soaking stove burners is a good way to get them clean.

  1. Fill a bucket with hot, soapy water containing dish detergent. Water should be as hot as possible.

  2. Lift up the stove cover or grate and remove the burners by simply lifting them out. Spray the burners with oven cleaner and leave sit for 2 to 3 minutes.

  3. Set the stove burners into the bucket of hot, soapy water and soak for about 1 hour. Scrub the stove burners with a nylon brush to remove debris and rinse under hot running water.

  4. Dry stove burners off with a clean towel. Lift up the stove cover and set the burners back in place.