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How to Remove Crazy Glue

Amy Dombrower

Instant Krazy Glue provides a powerful and fast-drying super glue used to bond a variety of items, from collectibles and dishes to small toys. Introduced in North America in 1973, it remains one of the most popular instant glue brands. The product requires a minuscule amount of glue to work and won't come off unless you use the proper substance. Acetone works best to remove Krazy Glue.

Krazy Glue is a powerful glue that doesn't come off easily.
  1. Apply the acetone to a paper towel and dab it over the bonded surfaces. Acetone is the primary substance that will remove Krazy Glue. Find acetone in a hardware store or use nail polish remover, as it contains acetone.

  2. Allow the acetone to sit for 15 to 30 minutes or until the glue has softened.

  3. Remove the softened glue with a dry towel.

  4. Soak your fingers in acetone or nail polish remover to remove Krazy Glue if your fingers get stuck together. Rinse your fingers with water thoroughly.