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Magnavox TV Closed Caption Troubleshooting

Chad Buleen

The closed captioning on a Magnavox television allows hearing impaired as well as others who simply want to watch TV without hearing the sound enjoy watching. Turning on the closed captioning function on your Magnavox television is fairly simple to do, however if you have the closed captioning set to "On During Mute" the captioning will work only when the TV is muted.

  1. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control.

  2. Press the down arrow on the remote until you reach "Features." Then press the right arrow.

  3. Select "Caption Settings."

  4. Press the right arrow to access the caption settings menu.

  5. Click "Enter" to select "CLOSED CAPTIONS" in the caption settings menu.

  6. Press the "Right" arrow to choose the closed caption menu.

  7. Press the "Down" button to select "On" and press "OK" to turn closed captioning on.

  8. Press "MENU" to return to the menu.