Samsung TV Closed Caption Doesn't Work

Stephen Lilley

Turning the closed captioning of your Samsung TV on allows you to view subtitles for the program you're currently watching. This feature is typically accessible through the TV's main menu system. If your closed caption service isn't working, it's a sign of either a problem or user error.


Even if your Samsung television set supports closed captioning, not all channels are going to. If you continue to press the "Closed Captioning" button on your set's remote control and do not find any captioning actually appearing on screen, the problem could simply be that the channel does not support it. If closed captioning is supposed to be on a channel, the "CC" logo will appear on the listing for the program you're watching in your TV's "Guide" feature.

Language Options

Certain settings on your Samsung television set might be interfering with your ability to receive closed captioning. For example, if you're watching a channel with a Spanish audio language track enabled, you might not be able to enable the closed captioning simultaneously. Switch the channel you're watching back to the English language (using the "SAP" button on the remote) and try to enable closed captioning again.

Closed Captioning Levels

Certain stations support different levels of closed captioning in the form of two or three different closed captioning tracks. Switching between the levels involves pressing the "Closed Captioning" button on your Samsung remote repeatedly. If you have switched your TV to closed captioning level 3, for example, and the channel does not support it, you will see no text on screen until you press the button again to switch back to level 1.


Samsung television sets have the ability to support both closed captioning and subtitles for the program you're watching. Though these two are similar in concept, they are ultimately different. Closed captioning is designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, while subtitles include only spoken dialog and no other pieces of information. If the subtitles feature is enabled on your Samsung television set, you cannot simultaneously enable closed captioning.