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How to Convert a Coleman Camp Stove to Propane

Wendy Adams

The familiar green Coleman camping stove has been around since the early 1900s, and today's outdoorsmen still rely on this indispensable portable cooking device. While the stove is designed to cook with Coleman gas, it can be easily converted to burn propane instead. Converting a Coleman stove to propane doesn't require special tools -- you just need a simple conversion kit and a bottle or cylinder of propane.

Converting your Coleman stove to propane will give you longer cooking times.

Step 1

Remove the red gas tank from the front of the Coleman camping stove by sliding it straight out and lifting it away.

Step 2

Slide the propane conversion kit (propane generator), gas-nozzle end first, into the slot (right front) at the front of the stove where the red gas tank was inserted. Slide the propane generator all the way back, and insert the generator end into the bracket at the burner.

Step 3

Pull the spring near the threaded connector on the propane generator up, then connect the spring to the body of the stove to secure the generator.

Step 4

Turn the gas knob on the generator to the off position. Screw (clockwise) a propane bottle to the threaded connector on the generator by hand.

Step 5

Open the wind shields and secure the latch. Turn the gas knob on the generator to the on position, and use a barbecue lighter or match to light the burner.