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How to Remove the Engine From a Coleman Powermate Generator

Mark O'Brien

A Coleman Powermate generator can come in handy when you need a mobile electric power source or if your home loses power. Over time the engine can stop functioning on your Coleman Powermate, but the frame and generator may still be in working condition. If this is the case, you can save money by removing and replacing the engine instead of buying a new generator.

  1. Locate the gas tank above the engine.

  2. Follow the gas hose under the tank to the carb on the engine.

  3. Place the gas container under the engine carb. Unscrew the clamp holding the gas hose onto the carb with the proper sized socket.

  4. Pull off the hose and allow the gas to drain into the gas container.

  5. Fit the proper sized sockets on the six to eight bolts holding the base of the engine block onto the generator frame. Unscrew and remove the bolts with the ratchet.

  6. Locate the bolt on the neck of the gear or pulley tightened onto the engine's crankshaft. Fit the proper sized socket on the bolt and remove it.

  7. Pull the engine off the generator frame.