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How to Change the Hydraulic Oil in a Terramite T5C

Gus Stephens

Terramite's T5C is a compact tractor loader backhoe. Small enough to load on a trailer and pull with a standard truck, it is used by utilities, independent contractors, cemeteries, golf courses, and plumbers. The T5C hydraulic system uses standard automotive engine oil, not hydraulic fluid.

The recommended grade of oil at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is 15W40. Single 10W grade engine oil should be used at temperatures below 40 degrees. The full-system hydraulic oil capacity of the T5C is 7 gallons; tank capacity is 4.7 gallons. Hydraulic oil and filter should be changed after the first 50 hours of operation, then every 300 hours.

Changing Hydraulic Oil

  1. Start the engine and lower the front loader bucket to the ground. Raise the backhoe to its highest position. Leave the implements in that position and stop the engine.

  2. Place a drain pad with approximately 5 gallon capacity underneath the hydraulic tank. Open the drain valve on the tank and allow the hydraulic oil to drain.

  3. Remove the spin-off hydraulic oil filter. It is sideways-mounted next to the hydraulic tank, above the transmission assembly.

  4. Coat the rubber gasket of a new oil filer with clean engine oil and screw the new oil filter onto the filter adapter.

  5. Close the drain valve on the bottom of the hydraulic tank. Remove the oil breather cap on top of the hydraulic tank and refill the tank with 4.7 gallons of 15W40 automotive engine oil.

  6. Start the engine, operate the implements, and check for leaks.