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Toro S 140 Snowblower Specs

Nicholas Briano

Toro is a longtime manufacturer of lawn mowers, snow throwers and irrigation systems. The Minnesota-based company produced the Toro S-140 snow thrower from 1979 to 1982, also known by model number 38100. The product specifications help determine the makeup and quality of the product. If you're lucky enough to still have one of these, you may benefit from knowing the specifications in terms of replacing parts or making repairs.


The Toro S-140 snow thrower is a consumer-focused machine designed for light residential use. The engine features a single-stage discharge with a Tecumseh engine--the types used on most Toro snow throwers. The two-cycle engine has three horsepower and a recoil engine starter, which features a 2.5 horsepower, two-cycle engine equipped with a recoil engine starter. The engine was built on a 14-inch wide swath base.


The ignition utilizes a 120-volt system that activates the snow thrower's engine and gears to enable safe and efficient operation. The S-140 model uses spark plugs with a .035 gap crucial to maintain because they help the engine turn over, especially in cold weather.

Gas and Oil Requirements

The Toro S-140, like most snow throwers this size, requires a 32:1 mix ratio. To operate and maintain the S-140 engine, it requires 4 oz. of Toro two-cycle engine oil for each gallon of gasoline. Add the mixture before starting the engine.


The Toro S-140 uses a standard primer operation unit located below the handles near the base of the unit. The primer pumps a small amount of fuel from the carburetor, which allows you to start the engine in cold temperatures. It is typical for the operator to press the prime button several times before the engine ignites and turns over. Press the primer followed by a standard on/off ignition switch that debuted on Toro snow throwers in 1975.