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Briggs & Stratton 26 HP Engine Specs

Michael Logan

Briggs & Stratton's Professional V-Twin Engines are designed primarily for use on commercial riding lawnmowers. They are designed with a range of features for commercial grade equipment. The V-Twin series includes engines rated from 20 to 30 horsepower and includes the 26 horsepower model. Briggs and Stratton offers a number of add-on features for various models that include heavy duty starters, fuel management systems, choke systems and more.

General Specifications

The Briggs and Stratton 26 horsepower engine is a V-twin with an overhead valve design, a displacement of 724 CCs in a vertical shaft configuration. It uses regular gasoline for fuel.


This engine measures 19.1 inches long, 18.7 inches wide and 14.3 inches high and weighs 80 pounds. The bore, or cylinder diameter, is 3.12 inches and the stroke, or distance the piston travels, is 2.89 inches.


The V-Twin uses four-stroke engine oil and holds 64 ounces in the oil reservoir and oil filter. The lubrication system is similar to that used on cars and is fully pressurized to maintain a constant supply of oil for lubrication. An oil filter keeps the oil clean.

Other Features

Briggs and Stratton Professional Series engines like the 26 horsepower V-twin use a 12 volt starter for easy starting. Electronic fuel management is available as an upgrade, which improves starting performance and fuel consumption. The engine does not come with a standard muffler, but one is available at extra cost.