Horsepower of a Kawasaki FC420V Engine

David Marsh

The Kawasaki FC420V engine powers riding and walk behind lawn mowers. Kawasaki manufacturers the engine in Lincoln, Nebraska and Maryville, Missouri, and was the first Japanese engine manufacturer to build a plant in the United States.

A big lawn requires a big lawn mower.


The Kawasaki FC420V is a one cylinder, four stroke engine with a single stage oil filter and a dual stage air cleaner. It displaces 423 cubic cm, or 25.8 cubic inches. The crankcase holds 1.4 qts. of oil without the oil filter and 1.6 with the oil filter installed.


The FC420V engine develops 14 horsepower. This amount of horsepower makes it possible for mowers using the engine to travel at speeds of up to six miles per hour in forward gear and one mile per hour in reverse.


Riding mowers and walk behind mowers that incorporate the FC420V engine are heavy duty machines built for commercial use. It is one of the few lawn mower engines with an electric starter.