Jonsered 2054 Turbo Specifications

Solomon Poretsky

Sporting a red and black die-cast magnesium and injection-molded plastic case, the 2054 Turbo chain saw was introduced by Jonsereds Fabrikers of Partille, Sweden, in 1991. This 11.

Close up of chainsaw cutting through tree branch

5-pound one-person saw features both an antivibration handlebar and an inertially triggered chain brake that make it not only easier to hold but also safer to use.

Guidebar and Cutting Chain Specifications

Like many Jonsered chain saws of its size, the 2054 Turbo uses a 0.325-inch pitch cutting chain. It can use a guidebar as short as 13 inches and as long as 20 inches.

Fuel and Oil System

Because it has a two-cycle engine, the Jonsered 2054 Turbo chain saw uses a mixture of fuel and oil. The manufacturer recommends regular unleaded fuel and two-cycle mix oil. The two liquids need to be mixed together at a 40-to-1 ratio, favoring the fuel. At any time, the saw can hold up to 18.9 fluid ounces of the fuel-and-oil mixture in its fuel tank.

Ignition System

The 2054 Turbo's fixed-timing ignition system starts with its electronic magneto and coil with a 0.3-mm air gap. It powers a single Bosch WS7F spark plug with a 0.5-mm gap.

Engine Capabilities

Jonsered builds the 2054 Turbo around a 53.2-cc displacement single-cylinder engine that generates 3.5 horsepower. It features a centrifugal clutch and an automatic rewind starter. A cartridge made of a mesh of nylon serves as the air cleaner for its Walbro HDA-68-1 carburetor.