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How to Change the Oil on a Coleman Sport 1850

Kyle McBride

A small four-stroke engine with a splash and drip lubrication system powers the Coleman Pulse-Sport 1850 electric generator, made by Powermate. Oil in the engine cleans, cools and lubricates the moving parts, and is essential to maintaining the longevity of the engine. Powermate recommends changing the oil after the first 20 hour break-in period and then after every 50 hours of running time. Perform oil changes using common tools.

Step 1

Elevate the generator on bricks or blocks of wood to create clearance for the catch pan. Make certain that the generator is level.

Step 2

Locate the engine oil filler spout below the fuel shut-off valve and next to the grounding lug. Remove the oil filler cap from the filler spout.

Step 3

Locate the engine oil drain plug at the bottom of the muffler side of the unit and below the inboard edge of the air cleaner. Position the catch pan under the drain plug. Remove the drain plug, using a crescent wrench. Allow the engine oil to drain fully from the engine.

Step 4

Replace the engine oil drain plug and tighten it securely. Set the generator down on firm, level ground.

Step 5

Add 20 ounces of engine oil through the oil filler spout. Screw the cap securely on the spout.