How to Change the Battery for the Ignition on a DCS Gas Grill

James Clark

DCS is the brand name for a line of stainless-steel gas grills manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. The electric ignition system works with a 9-volt battery to light the gas burners, eliminating push-button igniter systems that have mechanical parts that can fail.

Fisher & Paykel recommends replacing the battery once a year, but you may need to install a new battery more frequently depending on how often you grill. Changing the battery takes less than five minutes, and no special tools are needed.

  1. Open the two cart doors on the bottom front of the grill, if your DCS model has doors.

  2. Remove the drip pan under the grill by sliding it forward.

  3. Locate the 9-volt battery behind the grill control panel in the compartment directly below the "Ignition" button on the front of the panel. The battery is mounted vertically to the connection plate.

  4. Pull the battery straight down to disconnect and remove, using pliers if necessary.

  5. Hold the new battery in position below the connection terminals so that the positive (+) post on the battery is facing inward beneath the grill. The positive post is the larger of the two posts on the top of the battery. Push straight up to connect the battery.

  6. Slide the drip pan back in place and close the grill cart doors.