How to Change a Filter on an Admiral Washer

James Clark

Admiral washing machines, which were manufactured by Whirlpool, are equipped with a lint filter installed in the agitator, which is the central column in the appliance that twists back and forth to wash your clothes.

The filter captures clothes lint, hair and other unwanted material before it can settle on your clean clothes or clog the drain pipes in your laundry room. The filter must be removed and cleaned periodically to operate properly. Replacement parts now are sold under the Whirlpool brand name, as the filters also are compatible with Whirlpool models. This basic maintenance takes less than five minutes. No tools are needed.

  1. Wash any laundry in the appliance and wait for the Admiral to empty all water after completing a cycle. Remove the clean clothes.

  2. Hold the agitator column in one hand while unscrewing the cap on top of the agitator with your other hand. Pull the cap and the bolt underneath it straight out of the agitator column, then remove the filter below.

  3. Rinse the filter in a sink under cold water and wipe with a cloth.

  4. Insert the filter into the agitator column and screw it on by hand until tight.

  5. Replace the cap and screw on by hand until tight.