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How to Remove the Filter in a Whirlpool Quiet Plus Dishwasher

James Clark

The Whirlpool Quiet Plus Dishwasher is equipped with a filter cylinder that fits into the bottom interior of the appliance. The cylinder screen prevents food debris and grime from washing into the drain pump and plumbing. This helps stop clogs.

Whirlpool recommends removing and cleaning the filter once a month when using the Quiet Plus daily. Clean the filter more frequently if you wash dishes two or more times a day. Removing the filter takes only a few seconds without any tools or special materials.

  1. Push up on the lock button recessed into the top of the Whirlpool door to open the appliance, which stops running if it is in the middle of a wash cycle.

  2. Lower the door and pull the bottom dish rack forward so it rests on top of the door.

  3. Turn the round filter screen in the bottom of the Whirlpool counterclockwise one-half turn to disengage the part from the interior cabinet.

  4. Pull the filter cylinder straight up and remove it from the Whirlpool for cleaning or replacement.