How to Remove the Agitator From a Frigidaire Washer

Damon Koch

If you need to remove the agitator on your Frigidaire washing machine, it may seem at first to be a quandary that is hard to overcome. In some brands of washing machines, the agitator simply pulls off the shaft. In Frigidaire models, you need to remove a nut before removing the agitator.

To complete the task, you'll require an adjustable wrench and a flat-head screwdriver. It takes less than five minutes to accomplish the task.

  1. Open the lid on the Frigidaire washing machine and locate the cap on the top of the agitator.

  2. Pry off the cap either by hand or with a flat-head screwdriver. If the cap will not lift off by hand, gently pry it off by inserting a flat-head screwdriver around the edges of the cap while twisting the screwdriver.

  3. Loosen and remove the nut underneath the cap that secures the agitator to the shaft. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the nut.

  4. Grab the agitator with both hands on either side of the bottom of the agitator. Pull straight up on the agitator. You may need to twist the agitator back and forth a couple of times to loosen it before it will disengage from the shaft.