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How to Remove the Cap to Replace the Line of a Homelite Trimmer

Andrew Todd

Homelite trimmers use a monofilament string the spins rapidly to cut tall grass in areas unreachable by a lawn mower. As the trimmer is used, the string will break and will eventually run out. When the trimmer is out of string, you can either rewind the string or replace the spool with a new, pre-wound spool.

To remove the old spool for rewinding or replacement you must first remove the spool retainer cap, which secures the spool to the head of the trimmer.

  1. Disconnect the power to your Homelite trimmer to avoid accidentally turning on the motor during disassembly.

  2. Turn the trimmer over and locate the spool retainer cap, located on the bottom of the trimmer head.

  3. Depress the tabs on the sides of the spool retainer cap.

  4. Pull the spool retainer cap straight up and off the trimmer head.