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How to Remove the Wheels on a Kettler Tricycle

Kenneth Crawford

Kettler designs toys such as push bikes and tricycles. Kettler tricycles have adjustable frames, seats and use pneumatic wheels instead of hard rubber or plastic. The wheels are, therefore, susceptible to flats just like other pneumatic wheels. You must remove the wheels on a Kettler tricycle when changing a worn or flat tire. Removing the Kettler tricycle wheels is a simple, straightforward process.

Rear Wheels

  1. Locate the clip that secures the wheel to the axle. The clip is between the center cap and the wheel. Pull the clip out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

  2. Pry the center cap off with a flat head screwdriver.

  3. Pull the rear wheel off the axle. The wheel's center hub cap is free and should lift right off the center of the wheel.

  4. Slide the spacer out of the center of the wheel. The spacer is necessary to reinstall the wheel.

Front Wheel

  1. Remove the bolts that secure the front wheel bearing to the forks with a socket wrench. The wheel bearing is the metallic piece that covers the center axle and bolts into the front forks on each side.

  2. Grab the handle bars, lift the tricycle, then pull the front wheel off the forks.

  3. Pull the wheel bearings off of each side of the wheel and set them aside. The wheel bearings are necessary for installation.