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Troubleshoot a Bosch Dishwasher That Leaves Grit on the Dishes

James Clark

Bosch automatic dishwashers are built with a water filtration system to strain food particles and dirt before the appliance pumps out the dirty water. If your dishes are coated in grit after a wash cycle, this may be due to clogs in the filter system. What feels like grit could actually be small food particles that have hardened to dishes after the Bosch completes a heated drying cycle. Cleaning the filter takes only a few minutes. There are also other simple techniques you can try to eliminate the grit.

Step 1

Press up on the door latch to unlock and lower the Bosch door. Pull out the bottom dish rack on wheels.

Step 2

Twist the filter cap on the inside bottom of the Bosch half a turn counterclockwise and lift it straight out.

Step 3

Remove the cylinder filter underneath the filter cap.

Step 4

Rinse both parts under water until each is clean.

Step 5

Insert the filter and cap into the Bosch, and twist the cap half a turn clockwise to lock it in place.