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How to Remove a GE Profile Oven's Control Panel

Andrew Todd

GE Profile ovens are controlled using a control panel at the top of the appliance. The control panel allows you to change the oven temperature, turn the oven on and off and set the kitchen timer. On most GE Profile ranges, the control panel is located above the burners, and the control panel is located above the oven on wall models. You may need to remove the control panel to service the oven's electrical enclosure, which is located behind it.

Step 1

Turn off the oven breaker in your fuse box to disconnect power to the oven.

Step 2

Pull off the knobs on the front of the control panel. If necessary, use a spoon to help pry them off.

Step 3

Remove the three screws located on the underside of the control panel and set them aside.

Step 4

Lift the control panel off of the oven. If necessary, disconnect the ribbon clip and any other wires connected to the rear of the control panel to disconnect the wiring and completely remove.