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How to Remove the Spout Cap From a Delta Kitchen Faucet

Kenneth Crawford

Single handle Delta kitchen faucets have a spout cap between the handle and the top of the faucet spout. You will need to remove the spout cap to gain access to the Delta cartridge or faucet stem to make repairs or replace the stem or cartridge. Removing the spout cap on the Delta faucet is the same whether you have a standard faucet or a pull out faucet. Use care when working on the faucet to avoid damaging the faucet's finish.

Remove your Delta spout cap to make repairs to the stem.
  1. Go under the sink and turn off the hot and cold water supply cut off valves. Lay a small towel in the bottom of the sink covering the drain. This will prevent small screws from falling into the drain.

  2. Remove the screw the secures the faucet handle to the faucet with an Allen wrench. The screw will be directly under the curve of the faucet handle.

  3. Pull the handle straight off the spout cap and spout. If you have a cartridge, you may have to wiggle the handle a little to remove the handle.

  4. Place an adjustable wrench on the top edge of the spout cap. Twist the spout cap counter-clockwise to loosen the spout cap from the faucet. Unthread the spout cap by hand and remove the cap from the faucet.