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How to Remove Sewer Clean-Out Caps

Robert C. Young

A home's sewer clean-out is (on most homes) a white PVC pipe that protrudes from the ground near the home or near the street. It provides access to the home's sewer lateral, the pipe that connects the home's waste water system to the municipal sewer.

Removing a clean-out cap is the type of job the pipe wrench was made for.

One of the best ways to clear a backed-up plumbing system is to clean out the lateral by entering through the clean-out. Removing the clean-out cap is the first step in accessing the lateral; it should only take a few seconds.

  1. Twist the adjusting nut to open the wrench's jaws wide enough to fit the head of the clean-out cap.

  2. Slide the jaws onto the head and twist the adjusting nut until the jaws are hold the head tightly.

  3. Push the handle to twist the cap counterclockwise and remove the cap.