How to Replace the Pull Cord in a Stihl Gas Blower

Keith Dooley

The pull cord on a Stihl gas blower cranks and starts the engine. To use it, wind it onto the recoil mechanism fthat features a rubberized handle for an easy grip. The pull cord can be damaged or worn and need replacement. You must remove the starter cover so you can remove the old cord and install a new starter cord.

  1. Locate the starter cover with the handle of the starter cord attached to one side. Remove the three screws from the starter cover, using a screwdriver.

  2. Pull the starter cover from the Stihl blower and turn it over. Remove the spring clip and then the washer and pawl.

  3. Hold the starter handle and remove the cap from the center of the grip. Pull the old starter cord through the handle and off the starter cover. Use a knife to cut and remove the overhand knots holding the cord in place on the handle and in the starter cover.

  4. Insert one end of a replacement starter cord through the hole in the handle, tie an overhand knot and pull the knot down into the handle. Place the cap back into the handle.

  5. Feed the cord down the starter rope tube and into the hole of the rotor. Tie an overhand knot to secure the cord to the rotor. Assemble the pawl and washer back onto the rotor and secure with the spring clip.

  6. Form a loop with the unwound starter cord and turn the rotor six times in a counter-clockwise direction. Hold the handle of the cord starter to apply slight tension and allow the cord to wind slowly onto the rotor for use.

  7. Install the starter cover back onto the Stihl blower and secure it with the three screws that you removed.