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How to Adjust a Self-Closing Fence Hinge for a Gate

Frank Whittemore

Keeping a gate closed in a fence that protects an area around your home significantly increases security. A closed gate can help deter intruders, keep children away from pools or protect your pets from wandering. Special hinges, designed to automatically close the gate when released, can help prevent inadvertently leaving a gate open. The hinge contains a spring that increases tension as the gate opens. The tension on the spring then closes the gate with enough force to latch it securely. The hinge is fully adjustable to set the proper amount of tension on the spring.

  1. Remove the cover cap to the spring hinge with a Phillips screwdriver.

  2. Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the slot in the top of the internal adjuster.

  3. Press the internal adjuster inside the hinge down. Turn the adjuster either clockwise to increase tension on the spring or counterclockwise to loosen tension.

  4. Open, then release the gate and watch it close on it own to test the tension on the gate. Continue to adjust the gate tension as needed.

  5. Replace the cover cap and thread the cap screw back into the hinge.