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How do I Replace the Dryer Belt on a Maytag Performa?

David Clair

The Maytag Performa line of dryers includes heavy duty machines that can accommodate large capacities. They are designed to run more quietly than other models. Every Perfoma dryer contains a belt that connects to the motor pulley system. This system controls the rotation of the dryer drum. Belts can wear out or break over time. Replace a non-working belt with a new one to keep the Performa dryer working properly.

  1. Remove the power cord from the electrical socket.

  2. Insert the putty knife into the seam between the front panel and top panel of the dryer. Press in on the internal spring clips to unlatch them.

  3. Lift the top panel upward. Rest the panel on the wall behind the Maytag Performa dryer.

  4. Remove the screws located along the top of the front panel. Pull the front panel straight up to unhook it from the cabinet base.

  5. Pull the wire connector out of its socket in the door servicing a front-loading Performa. Set the front panel aside.

  6. Move the idler pulley toward the front of the dryer to create slack in the belt. Slide the old belt off of the drum and pulleys.

  7. Position the new belt around the drum and pulleys. Let go of the idler pulley to remove slack in the belt.

  8. Replace the front panel. Plug in the door switch connector. Press down on the front panel to lock it into the cabinet base. Replace the screws on the top of the panel.

  9. Swing the top panel down onto the cabinet. Push down on the top of the panel to latch the internal clips.