How to Change the Belt for a Kenmore Dryer Model 110

David Clair

The Kenmore model 110 dryer is part of the Kenmore Elite high-efficiency series of appliances. The Kenmore 110 comes in gas and electric varieties. Both use the same mechanism for managing the movement of the internal drum. The motor in the dryer connects to a belt and pulley system that powers the drum movement. If the belt breaks or fails, the drum will not move properly, or will not move at all. Replace a broken belt to keep the 110 dryer working as it was designed.

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall.

  2. Open the lint filter lid on the top of the dryer. Remove the lint filter. Remove the two screws around the lint filter slot.

  3. Lift up the top panel. Rest the top panel on its rear hinges. Remove the screws located on the top of the front panel.

  4. Disconnect the wire harness leading to the door switch. Lift up the front panel to unhook it from the base. Set the front panel aside.

  5. Slide the old belt off of the drum and pulleys.

  6. Position the new belt around the rear pulley. Route the belt around the front pulley. Loop the rest of the belt around the drum.

  7. Replace the front panel. Connect the wire harness into the door switch assembly. Replace the screws along the top of the front panel.

  8. Lower the top panel back into place. Replace the screws around the lint filter compartment.