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How to Make a Gate Opener With Rope

Brandon Getty

You're carrying an armload of wooden kindling from your driveway to your backyard when a gust of wind swings your gate door closed. Because your gate is equipped with a bolt-style lock that can only be opened from the inside, you'll have to set down your kindling and reach over the top of the fence to re-open it. Avoid instances like this in the future by picking up a spool of thin rope or twine and following the steps below.

A thin piece of rope or twine makes opening your bolt-style latch simple.
  1. Locate the small hole at the top of the latch's pivoting hinge.

  2. Thread the piece of thin rope or twine through the hole and tie a double knot to secure it to the hinge.

  3. Cut the rope from the spool. The length of the rope should be sufficient to reach over the top of the gate, allowing it to be grabbed easily from the other side.

  4. Tie the end of the rope to a weighted metal ring (a large key ring will suffice).

  5. Place the string over the top of the gate. Pulling the string downward will lift the hinge and allow your gate to swing open freely.