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How to Install a Tube Fence Gate

Mary Lougee

Tube fence gates are available in several lengths and in three colors. The lengths range from 4 foot long walk-through gates to 20 foot long drive through gates with a standard height of 50 inches. Colors include red, green and galvanized metal, with tube diameters of 1 3/4 inch and 2 inches. Merchants sell the gates including a hardware kit for installation on posts.

Tube gates are durable and withstand high winds, snow and ice
  1. Place the gate on wood blocks to hold in place. Make sure the top gate rail is even with the top of the fence. Attach one gate hinge on the vertical part of the gate two inches above the first horizontal tube. Screw the bolt into the hinge so it is hand-tight. Place the second gate hinge on the vertical part of the gate two inches below the bottom horizontal tube. Screw the bolt onto the hinge hand-tight.

  2. Mark the gatepost on the hinge side with a marking pen at the bottom of the hinge level for both top and bottom hinges. Use a drill to drill pilot holes for the hinge pins on the markings. Use a 3/4-inch drill bit for a 2-inch tube gate and a 9/16-inch drill bit for a 1 3/4-inch tube gate. Drill the holes 5 inches deep.

  3. Screw both hinge pins into the holes and tighten by inserting the end into an open-ended wrench to turn. Position the top hinge pin so that it points down and the bottom hinge pin so that it points up. Loosen the top hinge and slide upwards on the gate. Tighten the bottom hinge fully by turning the nut clockwise with pliers.

  4. Place the bottom of the gate on the bottom hinge pin by inserting the hinge pin into the hinge. Slide the top hinge down and place on the top hinge pin. Tighten the top hinge fully with pliers.

  5. Insert the chain into a fencing staple and hammer it into the post on the latching side of the gate. Wrap the chain around the gate and clip the end to it to latch the gate.