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How to Adjust Kohler Canisters

Greg Lindberg

Kohler toilets include a flush valve canister located within the top water tanks, and the valve consists of a chain that is connected to the flushing handle. If your toilet does not flush when you press down on the handle, you can adjust the canister by tightening or loosening the valve chain that is connected to the seal and handle. Also, making sure the valve seal is in proper alignment over the drain will ensure that the canister is fully adjusted.

Step 1

Remove the water tank lid from the back top end of the toilet, and set the lid aside.

Step 2

Reconnect the flush valve chain back onto the trip lever if it is disconnected. Tug on the chain to make sure it is tight.

Step 3

Unhook the chain again if there is too much slack and hook the chain back onto a shorter link.

Step 4

Move the valve seal at the bottom of the tank, connected to the valve chain, so that it fits into place.

Step 5

Place the lid back onto the water tank. Flush the toilet to make sure it fully flushes.