How to Take a Link Out of a Chainsaw Blade

Robert Good

The links on a chainsaw are connected by small metal pin on each side of the link. After a chainsaw has been operating for a while, the chain can stretch. Removing a link from the chain will save you money compared with buying a new chain. You 'll need a special chain link removal tool to do this correctly.

Chainsaws are powerful tools.

Buy the tool at your local hardware store or supercenter.

  1. Place the chainsaw on a work bench or table. If the engine and chain are hot, allow them to cool.

  2. Turn the handle on the chain tool to the left until the push arm retracts. Place the chain tool over the link that you are removing. Line up the push arm with the pin on the link.

  3. Turn the handle to the right until the push arm forces the pin from the link. Repeat for the opposite side of the link. Pull the link from the chain.

  4. Connect the two ends of the chain. Place the metal pin into the hole. Place the chain tool over the link and turn the handle until the pin is forced into the hole, securing the chain together.