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How to Secure a Goose Decoy to a Pond Irrigation Pipe

Cody Sorensen

A decoy goose can be used to lure ducks and geese to land on a pond. Irrigation pipe running through the pond is the perfect place to secure the decoy so that it stays in the open water. Decoys can be blown by the wind and end up in less inviting places for waterfowl. Geese land where they instinctively feel safe from predators and a goose close to the edge is an easier target for predators. Decoys have a weighted rudder that sits below the water line. This rudder has a hole in it to allow you to attach an anchor string.

Canada goose decoys are the most common.
    Seventeen-gauge chain is lightweight, but durable.
  1. Hook one end link of the chain to the carabiner.

  2. Hook the carabiner through the hole in the rudder of the decoy. The chain should hang down from the carabiner.

  3. The carabiners make installation simple.
  4. Hook a second carabiner to the opposite end link of the dangling chain.

  5. Hold the carabiner and wrap it and the chain down around the irrigation pipe and back up to itself.

  6. Hook the carabiner back to one of the links in the chain so that the decoy can float buoyantly on the surface of the pond.