How to Replace a WORX GT Line

Zyon Silket

The WORX GT is a battery-operated weed trimmer that uses a standard spool filled with a double-helix trimmer line to cut. The trimmer uses a bump-feed system that allows the user to tap the trimmer head off the ground to feed new string.

After the spool runs out of string, you must reload it before you can use the trimmer again.

  1. Press in on the release tabs that are located on the side of the trimmer head at the end of the shaft; these tabs hold the spool in place.

  2. Pull the spool off the trimmer head and remove any leftover string from the spool.

  3. Cut two pieces of double-helix WORX string to lengths of 25 feet with a pair of scissors.

  4. Feed the tip of one string into the hole that is located on the inside edge of the spool and then feed the string around the spool in the direction indicated by the arrow at the top of the spool; stop when you have 6 inches left unwound. Press the remaining string into the tab on the spool’s edge.

  5. Place the second string into the second hole and then wind it as you did the first string.

  6. Slide the spool back onto the trimmer shaft. Place the cover over the spool and then feed the strings through the holes on the sides of the cover. Snap the cover in place and then pull hard on the strings to release them from the side of the spool.