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My Kenmore Side-by-Side Freezer Is Leaking Water

Meredith Jameson

When the freezer in a side-by-side Kenmore refrigerator unit is leaking water, it might be because of something simple, such as some ice cubes that have dropped and are melting inside or on the floor in front of the unit. However, if ice cubes are not to blame, other issues need to be identified and addressed to help avoid potentially costly repairs.

Ice or Water

Kenmore refrigerators with a water and ice dispenser are more prone to experience what appears to be water leaking from the freezer, which may happen because the dispenser is located on the freezer door, and, if water drips from the dispenser or an ice cube falls out of the chute and melts on the floor, the water may be interpreted as a leak. Wipe up water in the dispenser grille on a regular basis, and pick up and discard any ice cubes that may fall out of the dispenser or glass when ice is dispensed.

Dispenser Leak

If you have determined that a melted ice cube is not responsible for the water leaking from the freezer, you can turn your attention to the ice and water dispenser. Dispense water for a few minutes from the dispenser if the refrigerator was recently installed and the water system has not been used much, as air in the system can cause the dispenser to leak. In addition, if the water filter was changed recently, flush the water for a few minutes as well to help remove any air or debris from the system that might cause leaking. Note that holding a glass under the water dispenser for a few seconds, even after releasing the dispense lever, can help catch any remaining drips of water.

Defrost Drain

A likely cause of leaking in the freezer is a clogged defrost drain, which is where water from the defrost cycle is removed from the freezer into the drain pan below. If the defrost drain is clogged, this water cannot drain and ends up pooling inside the freezer or leaking out. Find the defrost drain in the freezer compartment, which usually looks like a small hole in the side or rear of the compartment, and flush the drain out with a mixture of hot water and baking soda.

Drain Pan

The drain pan is one of those refrigerator components that many users never see as the pan is located behind the front access panel and does not require intervention when working correctly. However, if the drain pan is overflowing or leaking, cleaning or repair is necessary. Disconnect power to the Kenmore refrigerator, and take off the front access panel to reveal the drain pan. Remove the drain pan, and carefully empty the pan in a sink before restoring the pan back in the refrigerator. If the drain pan is not full but there is water pooling near where the pan is usually installed, examine the pan for possible leaks or damage, and replace with a new drain pan if necessary.