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Noise From a Viking Refrigerator

Sean Russell

Perhaps best known for its outdoor grilles, Viking also manufactures several models of full size refrigerators for cooling, freezing and even dispensing ice and ice water. Even as these refrigerators cool, they can emit strange sounds that are sometimes symptomatic of larger problems. But some of the most common sounds from a Viking refrigerator have innocent causes.

Running Water

The sound of running water is an unsettling noise in any appliance that involves water. Refrigerators that have ice makers sometimes make a sound akin to trickling, leaking or even running water. This sound is from the water source replenishing the ice maker. If the trickling sound is accompanied by puddles of leaking water, excessive condensation or leaking fluids from the rear grille of the refrigerator, contact a service professional as the source of the noise is a leak inside the refrigerator.

Pulsating Sound

If the sound coming from your Viking refrigerator is more of a mechanical or electric pulsating, the source is most likely the compressor. This sound will happen as the compressor activates to recycle the coolant in the refrigeration system. Pulsating is normal during the compression cycle and is not a reason for bother unless the sound involves stalling or gasping. An intermittent stalling, coughing or gasping sound is an indication that the compressor is experiencing difficulty. Call a Viking certified repair technician for help with a faulty compressor.

Ice Maker Buzz

Several models of Viking refrigerator are equipped with ice makers that instantly fill a cup or pitcher with ice. These ice dispensers often have machinery that makes a buzzing noise during and sometimes after ice is dispensed. The sound is the normal sound of the water freezing process and no cause for concern.

Freezer Air

Another innocuous sound that comes from Viking refrigerators is the sound of harsh blowing air present in the freezer when the door opens. This sound is sometimes accompanied by a high pitched whistling. These sounds come either from the normal operation of Viking's Fresh Food fan included to circulate air through the refrigerator and sometimes by the condenser of the refrigerator.

Motor Running

One cause for serious concern is a refrigerator that does not stop refrigerating, which is indicated by the unceasing sound of the refrigerator motor. A number of causes force the refrigerator to remain constantly active from high temperatures outside the refrigerator to a coolant leak and even a broken compressor or condenser. If the motor does not turn off, unplug the refrigerator and call a Viking service technician for assistance.