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My KitchenAid Dishwasher Is Making a Humming Sound

Jon Stefansson

KitchenAid, a division of Whirlpool Corporation, makes a range of kitchen appliances, including several models of dishwashers. When you first install your appliance, you may notice certain sounds that seem strange or unusual, such as a persistent or intermittent hum. Identifying the source of the humming helps to determine between normal and abnormal dishwasher behavior, saving you money if it prevents an unnecessary visit from a technician. The noise is likely to be normal if the appliance continues working normally.

Motor and Motor Fan Are Running

Follow steps to identify normal dishwasher humming sounds.

The motor makes a constant, low humming sound while the dishwasher is running. The noise is more noticeable if you do not have any sound insulation installed around the dishwasher. A fan, which also makes a humming sound, blows on the motor to keep it cool when temperatures begin to rise.

Soft-Food Disposal Is Running

Some KitchenAid dishwashers may be fitted with a soft-food disposal to reduce the size of large food chunks before they pass into the plumbing and cause a blockage. The disposal makes a low humming sound and usually runs when the dishwasher is pumping out water a few times each cycle.

Pumps Are Running

The dishwasher pumps water in and out of the appliance several times during each cycle, each time making a gently humming or roaring noise. The noise lasts a few seconds each time and is not cause for concern. You may also hear a gurgling noise with the hum as water exits down the drain.


Stop the dishwasher and cancel the current cycle; the appliance should fall silent once the water has been pumped out of the tub. There may be a problem with the appliance if the hum continues while the dishwasher is idle. Call for repair if the noise cannot be attributed to any of the above causes.