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My GE Profile Refrigerator Is Making a Loud Clicking Noise on the Back Panel

Lee Morgan

If your GE Profile refrigerator is making loud clicking noises on the back panel, it could be due to a faulty start relay, disconnected water supply, malfunctioning main board or it's simply part of the refrigerator's normal operation.

My GE Profile Refrigerator Is Making a Loud Clicking Noise on the Back Panel

Assume that any unusual racket in your GE Profile refrigerator is a sign of needed repair, or at least something to troubleshoot, just in case. A clicking noise from the rear panel of your refrigerator could be one of several issues that require your attention. The exact location of the noise should tell you a lot about what the issue is. In some instances, clicking may simply be a normal operating noise.

Start Relay

One of the common reasons you might notice clicking from behind the refrigerator is a faulty start relay. The start relay is attached to the compressor and is responsible for starting it when needed. The device makes a clicking noise normally when starting the compressor, but it should do so only every so often as the refrigerator begins a cooling cycle. If the noise continues every couple of minutes and the compressor isn’t running, it is likely in need of replacement. This isn’t a major repair unless the compressor itself is the problem.

Water Inlet

Because your GE Profile likely has an ice maker built in, there is a water inlet valve that feeds water into the ice making mechanism and the water dispenser. When the ice maker or water dispenser calls for water, a snapping or clicking noise accompanies the valve opening and closing. If you do not have the water supply turned on or there is no water connection to your appliance, then the clicking noise will be louder and more noticeable.

Main Board

One of the most common problems you’ll discover when a GE refrigerator isn’t running is a malfunctioning main circuit board. This board is located behind the back panel of the appliance and may produce a constant clicking noise when it is not working correctly. You’ll have to replace a malfunctioning main board to stop the noise, possibly to get your refrigerator to cool at all.

Normal Clicking

Your GE Profile refrigerator might make clicking noises for several reasons, and some of them are perfectly normal. In addition to the occasional clicking of a properly working start relay, other typical sounds from a refrigerator might be described as a clicking noise. The defrost timer clicks when it switches on and off. The temperature control unit makes a clicking noise when it turns on and off. Clicking, cracking or popping noises are also associated with the evaporator coil when it is in defrost mode. These noises may not all center around the back panel of the refrigerator, but it may be difficult to determine where they are coming from if you don’t know where to look. Also, Consumer Reports notes that some GE Profile models produce more general noise than their competitors.