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How Do I Troubleshoot a Holiday Chest Freezer?

Meredith Jameson

Upright chest freezers by Holiday are sold by many major retailers, including home appliance stores and general retail stores. Once installed, make sure the freezer is plugged firmly into a local power supply. Frozen cartons that show signs of thawing or unfamiliar motor noises may be signs that your freezer is not working. Problems may be identified and solved through some basic troubleshooting.

  1. Ensure the freezer temperature is between 0 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit if the freezer does not seem to keep items cold enough. A warmer temperature may not be due to a malfunctioning freezer. A power outage or an accidental unplug could be to blame.

  2. Remove all items from the freezer and place in another freezer. Set several towels around the freezer if excessive ice builds up on the inside of the freezer. Turn off the thermostat and leave the door open for up to 2 days to manually defrost the freezer. When it has completely melted, clean the inside of the freezer and turn the thermostat back on and return food to the freezer after several hours to allow it time to cool. If the ice builds back up, the self-defrost system may be malfunctioning and will need repairing.

  3. If the freezer seems very noisy while running, clean the condenser fan with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess dirt, dust or debris.

  4. Locate the compressor motor, which is located on the outside of the freezer in the back, near the bottom of the unit. If it is making noise but the freezer is not cooling enough or at all, contact an authorized service technician for assistance.