Ideal Temperature for an Upright Freezer

Jay Motes

Upright freezers have a temperature control that allows you to adjust the temperature inside the freezer. Proper adjustment of the temperature control is important to maintain the appropriate temperature to keep foods safe and flavorful.

Freezer Temperature

Store food at the proper temperature to retain flavor.

Freezers should maintain a temperature of 0 F, or about -18 C. This temperature will stop the growth of bacteria but will not kill it. Although the taste of frozen food will deteriorate over time, colder temperatures will preserve flavors longer.

Measuring Temperature

A thermometer should be used to check the temperature of the freezer. The thermometer should be placed near the front of the freezer and checked at least once a week to assure that the freezer is maintaining the proper temperature.

Maintaining Proper Temperature

To maintain proper temperature in the freezer, arrange items in the freezer so that cold air can circulate. Keeping the condenser coils on the back or bottom of the freezer clean will also help the freezer to cool properly and improve the freezer's energy efficiency.