How to Reset a Norcold 1200LRIM

Meredith Jameson

The Norcold 1200LRIM is a 12 cubic foot in size gas-absorption refrigerator designed for use in a recreational vehicle. The unit comes equipped with an ice maker, crispers, tall bottle drawer, door bins, adjustable shelves and door latches to prevent the refrigerator from opening during travel.

The Norcold refrigerator is meant for use in an RV or other recreational vehicle.

While the refrigerator generally can be expected to work well under most circumstances, it occasionally may need to be reset if maintenance or cleaning has occurred. Resetting the unit is fairly simple.

  1. Open the refrigerator door and locate the control panel between the freezer and fresh food compartments in the refrigerator.

  2. Press and hold the “On/Off” button for a few seconds and then release.

  3. Wait several minutes and then press the “On/Off” button to restore power. This will reset the refrigerator.

  4. Contact an authorized Norcold service center for assistance if the above steps do not reset the refrigerator, as a more complicated reset involving the hardwire power board may be necessary and requires professional assistance.