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How to Troubleshoot a Norcold N841

Meredith Jameson

The Norcold N841 is a gas absorption refrigerator with 7.5 cubic feet of storage, designed for use in recreational vehicles, marine applications and other small spaces or limited power situations. The refrigerator has an LCD control panel, embedded steel frame, storage latches, adjustable thermostat, crisper drawers, 1-gallon shelf storage and 1/2-gallon door bins, automatic frost protection and a variety of finishes. Available for purchase online or in select recreational supply stores, the refrigerator should work well with regular maintenance and cleaning, but minor problems or error codes may be fixed fairly easily through some troubleshooting.

  1. Turn on the Norcold refrigerator and ensure that the battery on the vehicle or equipment is working if the refrigerator is not turning on or the error code "A" or "C" appears. An alarm may sound as well. Connect the refrigerator to a working AC/DC power outlet.

  2. Close the refrigerator door if the error code "D" appears on the display or the food inside the unit is getting too warm. Turn the control dial to a lower temperature to increase cooling.

  3. Adjust the control dial to a warmer setting if items are getting too cold in the refrigerator. Keep the door shut as much as possible for more accurate climate control.

  4. Open the propane gas valve completely if the error code "F" appears or the burner does not seem to have ignited. Open the manual shut-off valve fully.

  5. Push the refrigerator door closed if there is an audible alarm from the refrigerator. Check the bins, shelves and items inside the refrigerator to ensure items are not keeping the door from closing.

  6. Contact Norcold if any other error code or problem occurs with the refrigerator. The issue may require professional repair.