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Diagnostics Check on a GE Artica Fridge

Meredith Jameson

The GE Arctica refrigerator comes with fast cool settings, a climate temperature management system and an electronic digital display to control the refrigerator and freezer temperature, ice and water dispensing and filter replacement notification. If the refrigerator is not operating properly, a self-diagnostic test can be activated to help determine the problem and identify a potential solution.

Self-Diagnostic Test

To start the self-diagnostic test, press one of the temperature adjustment buttons. The display will illuminate. Press the up or down arrows to set both the freezer and refrigerator to 5 and then hold and press all four temperature adjustment buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. A 0 will flash on the refrigerator and freezer displays to indicate that the self-diagnostic mode is on. Use the refrigerator temperature keys to enter the desired test code number. Once you enter a number, the displays will flash. Push any button other than a temperature adjustment button to start the diagnostic test.

Temperature Control

To test whether the temperature control is working correctly, press 2 in the refrigerator display to test the control board communication with the temperature control panel or 3 to test the dispenser board communication. A P will appear on the freezer display if the system is working correctly and F appears if it is not working properly. Contact GE if F appears on the display for service and repair.

Fan Test

If the freezer or refrigerator fan seems to be running constantly or is loud, press 1 in the freezer display and 1 in the refrigerator display to test the fan speed. Each fan will run for 10 seconds and stop. If the noise increases or the fan speed seems incorrect, contact GE for assistance.

Defrost Mode

GE Arctica refrigerators have an automatic defrost system that runs several times in a 24-hour period. If it does not seem to be running or frost is developing in the freezer or refrigerator, press 1 in the freezer display and 4 in the refrigerator display to enter a forced defrost. Once the defrost is complete, the refrigerator will resume normal operation and exit the test mode.

System Reset

When the keypads on the control panel are not working as expected, the temperature seems inaccurate in either the refrigerator or freezer or there are other errors with the unit, perform a system reset. Push 1 in the freezer display and 5 in the refrigerator display to cause a complete system reset. The refrigerator will enter normal function when the reset is finished.

Test Mode Exit

Reset the temperature control panel and resume normal refrigerator activity by pressing 1 in the freezer display and 6 in the refrigerator display. The test mode will exit and normal activity will resume. Contact GE if you have additional questions about refrigerator operation or about the results of the self-diagnostic test.