How to Increase Ice Production on GE Refrigerators

Many GE refrigerators with a built-in ice maker offer a feature called "Quick Ice" that increases the production of ice in the freezer. "When Quick Ice is enabled, a fan above the ice maker turns on, blowing cold air from the freezer over the ice tray, decreasing the amount of time required to freeze the cubes. The Quick Ice setting runs in 48-hour increments, or until the setting is turned off. If your freezer does not have a quick-ice setting, reduce the temperature of the freezer to increase the rate at which the ice freezes.

  1. Look at the control panel to determine if the refrigerator has a Quick Ice button.
  2. Press the Quick Ice button on the control panel, if it is present, to turn on the Quick Ice feature.
  3. Press the Colder button, located to the left of the word "Freezer" to lower the temperature in the freezer. Each time the button is pressed the temperature setting will decrease one degree. Lowering the temperature in the freezer decreases the time to freeze water, resulting in increased ice production. This setting can be used on refrigerators with or without the Quick Ice setting to increase the production of ice.

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