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My Kenmore Fridge Is Not Turning On

Chad Buleen

When your Kenmore refrigerator does not turn on, your first inclination may be to call a repairman to diagnose the problem. Although this may be necessary, it is not the first thing you should do. Your refrigerator might not be working because of one or more minor issues that you may be able to remedy without professional help.

Check the Power Outlet

Slide the refrigerator far enough away from the wall to be able to access the power cord. Press the cord into the power outlet to make sure it is fully inserted. A loose cord may prevent the appliance from receiving power. If the cord is fully inserted, remove the cord, and insert the cord from a lamp, toaster or other device to see if the power outlet is providing power to that device.

Examine the Power Supply

If the power outlet is not supplying power to the refrigerator or to any other device you plug into it, the problem may stem from your home's breaker box. Open the cover of your home's circuit breaker box to see if the switch that controls the refrigerator is set to the "On" position. If the switch is in the "Off" position, flip it to "On."

Turn On the Controls

Some models of Kenmore refrigerators feature a digital control panel that allows users to turn the refrigerator's cooling function on and off when necessary. If the current message says "Off," press the "Down" arrow under "Freezer" until a temperature appears in the display. This turns on the cooling feature in the freezer as well as the refrigerator compartment.

New Installation

Practice patience if you recently purchased and installed a new Kenmore refrigerator. Kenmore refrigerators require several hours to reach a temperature cool enough to properly freeze or refrigerate food. Kenmore recommends allowing approximately 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach its optimal cooling level. Programming the temperature to a cooler setting will not make the refrigerator cool down more quickly.